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Gail brings five decades experience of group facilitation, instructional design and experiential learning to Tomorrow Makers. Gail uses a synergistic approach to link diverse parties, dissolve blocks of unhealthy competition, and enable organizations and communities to tap into tacit and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Gail has taught in public and private schools. It is here, with young children that she first thought about Group Genius. She was totally amazed at the creative abilities of her students and realized that they had as much to teach her about learning and teaching as she did for them. Student scores soared when Gail observed that there were only a few simple rules that she needed to practice rigorously. Within this discipline, freedom to excel became standard practice.

Gail took what she learned from her interaction with young children and began applying it to the adult community through forming The Learning Exchange. The genius of this organization was that it brought all facets of the community together --- young students, CEOs, scientists, teachers, artists, educators, economists, and parents – into collaboration to design curriculum missing in school systems. Group Genius was possible with adults as well as children!

Her work and philosophy in education expanded to the business and government communities when she and her husband, Matt Taylor, co-founded MG Taylor Corporation and knOwhere Inc. Together, they blended their talents and created a system of collaborative environments, work processes and tools to catalyze breakthrough and innovation in high-performance teams. This patented system is able to engage hundreds of people together to create, design and implement higher order solutions in remarkably short periods of time and reach well beyond conflict resolution and compromise. In 2001, Gail began working with the World Economic Forum to design collaborative workshops to participants. She became a fellow in 2005 and part of her work was to transfer the MGT process to the Forum, now known as the WEF WorkSpace.

Now Gail comes full cycle with Tomorrow Makers, a non-profit corporation developed to work with communities to help them bring about the transformations they envision. Tomorrow Makers does many things but the passion is all about teaching and learning through doing. 

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